MW2/3 | WZ2/3 All 4 Nuke Rewards Premium Account Can Be Linked To Any Platform

MW2/3 | WZ2/3 All 4 Nuke Rewards Premium Account Can Be Linked To Any Platform

  • Product Code: NukeAccount
  • Reward Points: 500
  • Availability: 1
  • $749.95

Available Options

All the Champions Quest from MW2 | MW3 completed

Account Levels

MW2: Level 385

MW3: Level 87

Weapon Levels

  • MW3 Assault Rifles: 1/8
  • MW3 SMGs: 1/8
  • MW2 Assault Rifles: 10/15
  • MW2 Battle Rifles: 5/5
  • MW2 SMGs: 8/10
  • MW2 LMGs: 6/6
  • MW2 Marksman Rifles: 1/8
  • MW2 Sniper Rifles: 2/7
  • MW2 Handguns: 6/8

Nuke Rewards

  • Blueprints: Nuclear Nightmare, Dual Yield, Gamma Power
  • Operators: Apparition, Titan 239, Meltdown 240
  • Camos: Radioactivity, Flow Thru, Acerbic Roil, Melty
  • Calling Cards: Quest Nuke, FWOOM, Big Boom, To Smithereens
  • Emblems: Quest Nuke, Isotopes, Number 1, Dangerous Material
  • Weapon Charms: Boom Box, RDY 4 Boom, Atomic
  • Weapon Stickers: Radioactive, Neptunium, Warning: Nuke
  • Weapon Decals: ISO-Soap, Nuke Crew
  • Vehicle Skins: Reactor 239

Store Bundles

  • x20 free gift packs
  • Crash Team gift pack
  • Special Camos: The Hundreds
  • Event Camos: Splatter Tactics, Dark Bones
  • Monster Energy "Clutch" Operator Skin

XP Tokens

  • 2x 15min XP
  • 1x 30min XP
  • 3x 1hr XP
  • 1x 15min weapon XP
  • 1x 30min weapon XP
  • 1x 45min weapon XP
  • 3x 1hr weapon XP
  • 1x 15min BP XP
  • 2x 30min BP XP
  • 1x 45min BP XP
  • 2x 1hr BP XP

Other Items

700 COD Points

2 Name Change Tokens

Aged Account

Additional Information

This account is an Xbox account that can be linked to any platform.

Full access provided to Activision account and email.

2 Name changes still available.

Account ownership can be transferred by changing the email after purchase

If you need any further assistance or clarification, feel free to ask!

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